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Coromandel Pennisular, New Zealand


This project is principally concerned with connecting the interior space of the house with its immediate environment and beyond to the wider landscape. The steeply sloping site has been ‘benched’ to create a series of platforms cascading down the hill, which ultimately form the living, dining and sleeping areas of the house. To the bare earth, a concrete ‘ground’ has been added, augmenting the natural landscape with an artificial one that mimics the contours of the site to create both flat and sloping surfaces for inhabitation.


Overhead a roof-scape, functioning both as a roof and inhabitable landscape, shelters the interior spaces of the house beneath its flowing form, establishing the interior as a series of spaces cascading down the hill.  In between, the internal spaces are enclosed by large sliding glass doors and louvres, creating a mutable, fluid-like space that allows varying levels of connection to the surrounding landscape.


Status: completed, 2006

Budget: withheld at client request

Designer: Amanda Yates

Design Consultancy: Stephen Bonnington 

Architect: Archiscape




Silver: Best Awards 2010, Built Environment



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